Sagittarius men and dating

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I have met another guy and just found out he is also a Sag. It can be fun, but SAG man does not provide the security that SAG women need.

Although we had a lot in common, one thing we didn't have in common was that I was content with one person while he felt the need to find attention outside our relationship. It is true, the passion is there and we have not even had sex yet! a little bad about meeting in the middle each will probably be too into their own world and explorations to settle down long enough but then again both sexes can appreciate seeing their partners desire for freedom. Sag man and Sag woman not the best match in my books I'm a Sag male I've dated a Sag women.He taught me so much (I met him when I was 17, he was 22, and we broke up when I was 19 going on 20) He has been the only guy that I've given my all to to this day. We had sooo much in common, however I'd say he was bad with his money but he wanted to manage it, me on the other hand was more logical with it, but He'd seldom take my advice on it, which irritated me, like one time he told me we were saving money and he bought a pair of Louis Vouton glasses for 600 bucks!!! To this day we're still great friends and have a lot of respect towards each other.We can still talk about everything to each other and I can ask him for advice about guys anytime. I am a Sag woman and I married a sag man who I went to school with, AND OUR MARRIAGE IS GRRRREAT!!!even though you feel like you will always deeply care for them..because you know them so well. I married one (our spontenaiety), and it was a BIG MISTAKE. Hi I'm a Sag woman dec 3 and him nov 29th he's eight years older than I am & at first I really wasn't attracted to him but as time has progress I so love my sag man.He does seem a lil lazy at times and because of a divorce 13 years ago I think he's slower to commit but I'm cool with that.

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from day 1 it was like we were made to be together. If things do not work out with my old Sag boyfriend I feel safe somehow knowing I can actually be with the Sag friend that I have now. I am a sag dec.5 I am female my other half is also a dec.18 and I can honestly say ive never been with anyone like him though many times weve bumped heads cause we r just alike fighting arguing cause we want things are way we have learned to comptomise we r now content with each other and we are still together till this day there is no man I want to be with but him so though they say sags cant be together we r living proof that it works and I will love this rest of my life as he will do so just the same!!!! In the beginning, the relationship will seem to flow so naturally.

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