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Singles who remain true in the faith are being left behind, treated as pariahs and exploited for selfish purposes.The time will come when judgment will begin, not with the lost or in the huts of India, but within the house of God itself.If he finds a single, he will try to keep that person single. If he finds a church serving Christ as one effectual body, he will introduce cliques to fragment that body and severely weaken its collective power.Our enemy is all about creating dissension, schisms, cliques and divisions. For the single, the potential threat of them becoming leaders and a powerful force within the church is removed for as long as they remain single.

(Even David had his lions and bears before he finally confronted Goliath.) They are novices, and true to the warnings of Scripture, they become lifted up with pride and fall under condemnation.

May the churches consider their ways before then, and repent accordingly.

Countless times I have sat across the table from young men and women who have asked me the question, "How can I be confident that this is the person I am supposed to marry? But let’s examine here four signs that your relationship is ready for this next step of commitment.

What’s wrong with a single going on missions and feeding hungry children in Africa and witnessing to the lost?

Is this not a sign of true holiness and proof they are putting ahead the interest of the kingdom of heaven ahead of their own interests and happiness?

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